CESC, the Council for the English Speaking Community in Paris, is an informal organization for the exchange of news and information between more than a hundred English-speaking service groups and associations in the Paris region.

CESC volunteers maintain a file of contact information for member associations, and periodically email news of upcoming events to them. In addition, CESC organizes informal meetings on a quarterly basis for the exchange of information between member associations.

Services are provided free of charge to groups and associations. When needed to cover meeting room rental and other minor expenses, a modest fee (currently 5€) is occasionally requested of attendees at the quarterly meeting.

This site is a directory to our member organizations.

For each association you will find the name and an abbreviation if commonly used. If the organization actually has an office, we give a postal address and the telephone number, but note that many organizations are open only a few days a week or for limited hours. When possible we give the association's web site and email addresses. Many associations have also provided a brief description of their objectives and activities.

email cesc for informationFor a few small associations, you may find only the association name. Such organizations, like CESC itself, have no permanent quarters. Where there is no web site or impersonal email address either, we have provided a  more information  button. Clicking on the button will generate an email message to CESC. The name of the association you want to know more about will appear in the subject field. In the body of the message we recommend that you give your full name, phone number and postal address to make it easier for them to reach you. CESC volunteers will do their best to forward your query to the member association for reply.

Data collected by the  more information  button will be communicated only to the organization concerned by your request, and will be retained by CESC for no longer than the time taken to process the request. CESC can make no guarantee of the quality or promptness of the association's reply.

Revised 29 August 2012