We class as "international" those English-speaking associations that function primarily as the French branch of a larger, international organization.

English-Speaking Union Paris
01 45 67 92 41
Web www.esu.org
Email ljloussouarn@free.fr

To meet French or English-speaking people, to share with them cultural activities together with a pleasant dinner, join the English-Speaking Union Paris. ESU is a non-profit association with headquarters in London in a magnificent club house, Dartmouth House. There are 52 branches all over the world. The objective is friendship through the use of the English language.

Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas
Web www.fawco.org

The Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas Inc. is an international network of 75 independent clubs 4 of them in France with a combined membership of over 15,000 women in 40 countries worldwide. It serves as a support network for American women living and working abroad and is particularly active in the fields of US citizens' concerns, education, environmental protection, and women's and children's rights.

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Women's Federation for World Peace

Web France femmespourlapaix.org
Web International wfwp.org

The Women's Federation for World Peace was founded by Rev Sun Myung Moon and his wife to promote world peace and universal harmony based on the primacy of God's love and family values. WFWP is closely associated with and generously supported by Moon's Unification Church.

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Women's International Club
c/o ICAO
3bis villa Emile Bergerat
92522 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Web http://pariswic.org
Email pariswic@pariswic.org

The Women's International Club "Le WIC de Paris" provides an opportunity when moving from one country to another to find friends with an international background. This English-language club unites 52 different nationalities, including French. Activities include excursions, visits, coffee mornings, bridge, ikebana, jewellery, porcelain painting, language conversation, gymnastics, needlework and patchwork.

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Revised 26 June 2012